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Major Characters
Michelle Meadows- Field Agent and Lead Operator –
Michelle is a tough as nails, secret agent, who can fight, recon, and investigate
with the best of them. She is a natural born leader and a natural fighter. Her
determination is born from a terrible crash that took her family from her.
She is hesitant to open up to new people, especially Rachel, when she first meets
her. She is the leader of The Society, a top secret government team created to stop
street racers and their illegal activities.
Samuel Parker – Hacker- Samuel is the team’s resident computer guy.  
Samuel can track anyone, tag anyone, and collect information like none other.
For us, he is the comic relief. He‘s witty, dependable, and a crucial member of
the team.
Vernon Washington – Armaments and Equipment Specialist- The heart of the
team in more than ways than one. Vernon, like Michelle, also lost his family in
a crash. Though he still harbors feelings over that lost, he doesn’t let it block him
from accepting help from others. His job on the team is ordering and upgrading
the equipment from behind the scenes.
Brian Michaels-  Sniper and Navy Seal Liaison – Brian is a an extreme genius
with logistic and number skills, a sniper with perfect scores, a planner,
and a doer. He is Michelle’s right hand man. Everything she can do, he can to
– even though she is the boss. Brian is a swiss army knife for the team, he can
support from the field with sniper skills or from behind the scenes when it
comes to equipment.
Rachel Vazquez – Support Assistant – Rachel is new to the team and is our
eyes into the world of The Society. Picked right out of the FBI academy, she
is still learning to utilize her substantial skills. On the surface is a confident young
woman, who wants to question the rules of the organization she has just joined,
but underneath is a fantastic field agent, just waiting to be unleashed – something
Michelle and the others will help her with.
Jeremy – A street racer and under the table crook. He’s the liaison for the
enemies of The Society. He works between the street racers who race every night,
funded by illegal works, and the black market economy that feeds the street racers.
He’s a middle man, the perfect target for Michelle and her team.
Carl Reddington – The head of a financing team that works to supply black
market traders with funding and money laundering. He is the kingpin for a number
of underground illegal works. But on the surface, he’s a genial, glad-handing
businessman.The Society sees him as target #1 and works to bring him and the
empires he supports – down.
Scott Richards- An enigma to the Society and a mystery to the world at large.
He’s a hidden gun, that may or may not be working alongside The Society. A man,
who had lost what he holds dear, long ago, now works in the shadows avenging
those who may partake in illegal activities.

Our film opens with a running collection of real videos featuring the dangers and
realities of street racing. This collection includes footage of people street racing,
accidents caused by street racing, police officers investigating crashes, footage
inside hospitals of doctors working on victims of street racing, and concludes with
footage from funerals of victims of street racing.

At The Society HQ, our team of Michelle Meadows, Samuel Parker, Vernon
Washington, and Brian Michaels are presenting a presentation to their boss,
Director Gaspard on the recent black market chatter. They are following a known
black market dealer, named Jeremy and hope to intercept him and find out what
he knows.  This all takes places in Southern California.

To stay in shape, Michelle goes to a private target practice range. While there,
she fights through a series of obstacles, while trading through weapons. As
she goes, the obstacles turn into imaginary gangsters and lead us into a full on
gun fight – within her mind. She finishes them off in high fashion. Though, she is
alone through it all, she manages to complete the trial and after a beat – goes
back into it.

Afterwards, Michelle goes to her family’s grave and speaks to them.
Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that she lost them as they drove home
from Disneyland.

While there, she is visited by her Director Gaspard, who tells her that a new
member will be joining her team. Michelle asks the boss why this person is
joining and the Director asserts that Michelle and her team are going to need
help. Help is something this headstrong leader is not used to asking for and
begrudgingly accepts.  

Michelle goes back to the Society HQ base, where their new member,
Rachel, is waiting for them. Rachel is a fresh recruit out of the FBI, who is
new to The Society. Michelle informs "that the mission of The Society is to
"help" the way street racers think about their dangerous criminal life.
The wrong people are dying, while innocent people and youngsters are
getting caught up in something much larger than themselves, becoming street
racing killers and ruining their own lives while killing others. The Society
goes after the dangerous Ring Leaders, and promoters of street racing."
Michelle, Samuel, Brian, and Vernon quickly run her through the goals of
The Society. Michelle is apprehensive, since she doesn’t trust new recruits.

Samuel and Vernon locate Jeremy.  He’s going to be meeting one of the
heads of the criminal underground network (The people who fund and profit
off of street racers) . The question is, “who will he be meeting?” The team
finds out that the heads of the network will be meeting to discuss this at a
owned by the infamous black market businessman: Carl Reddinginton.

The meeting takes place in a mansion hidden in the forests. Our heroes
are there, watching them, arrive and enter, spying on them from the tress
with special binoculars. Michelle is posted in the trees and fires a special
bullet into the walls that is actually a listening device. The group begins to
listen to the conversations between Carl and his co-conspirators, when –
Michelle’s spy bullet falls out the wall. She sneaks out of her hiding spot
and down to the mansion grounds. Our other heroes watch her through
security cameras and fancy binoculars. Michelle is spotted
and held at gunpoint by a guard on the premises. Before he can shoot
her, the guard is shot by a sniper. Our heroes are stunned as, they had no
idea, that there was someone else in the area. The sniper then shoots their
own audio bullet into the wall, allowing our heroes to continue their work.  

Hours later at The Society HQ, Michelle, Rachel and the team are worry
about the Rouge Agent. He killed a man in front of them, but he also helped
them out. They are worried about whose side he might be on, could he
putting them into a trap, could he be working for a foreign government, etc.
? There are too many questions for them. They resolve to go ahead and
figure out how to stop Jeremy. Vernon goes over the audio they collected
and find out that Carl, himself, will be meeting with Jeremy.  
Jeremy is going to be a Charity Super Car event to discuss the future of
their business.

The event is at a college. Michelle and her team are scanning faces,
licenses plates, and IDs to build more information in their database of
illegal street racers and the underground racing community as a whole.
In a conversation between The Society they say to each other that they
should break the legs of who ever allowed the Street Racer’s Meet-Up
to take place at the college, Brian responds that the college may
be unaware of the criminal nature of street racers,
"this time we will issue a warning
." Our team is a team of Navy Seals, that Brian has hand-selected to
work alongside them. They serve as extra eyes and ears as they build
the database of faces and names at the event. Michelle and Rachel are
out in the crowd, when a drone spots Jeremy. He’s closest to Rachel,
she goes after him.

Rachel corners Jeremy in a car hangar, before Jeremy can spot her, Michelle
arrives and tranqs him. Michelle scorns Rachel for not waiting for backup.
Before they can argue, Carl arrives and our duo is forced to hide in the truck
with Jeremy’s body. Carl leaves, disturbed that Jeremy is not there.

We are in an undisclosed location that is like a Bat Cave; a will equipped
prep room that is clearly off the books. Inside, we find the Rouge Agent:
Scott Richards. He is working out and arming himself. He is a man of
patience and intensity. In his cave, we find a picture on
the wall of another man and 2 kids (twins, a boy and a girl).
He finishes working out as an
alarm goes off – it’s time to go.

Scott attends a street takeover and spots a trio of racers planning tonight’s race.
He listens, and then heads out. Scott leaves and drives out to another place in
their proposed raceway. As the three racers make their way down the “raceway”,
Scott spreads out anchored tire tacks in the road. He finishes spreading them,
just as the wave of car comes his way! The racers tires are shredded and their
cars skid to a stop, ruined. He pulls the anchors on his tacks and recalls them,
before the drivers of the ruined cars
even know what has happened.

Rachel is sitting alone in The Society HQ, still brewing over Michelle telling
her off, for not waiting for backup. Vernon comes and speaks to her. Vernon
tells her not to take Michelle’s scolding too hard. Michelle just has a strong
personal connection to the street racers. Rachel nods, understanding.
Vernon then reveals that he too lost his family in a crash, through a quick
flashback. Their somber moment of understanding is cut, when
they find out that Jeremy is awake.

Using one of Brian’s handpicked Navy Seals, the team sits back as the
seal interrogates Jeremy. Their plan is to turn the wealthy man’s organization
of armed goons against the street racing thugs. So to begin, they’ll need to
know where Carl keeps his prized cars.

They then take one of Carl’s prized cars and set it ablaze in the street
racing thug’s area. Carl’s men think it was the thugs and go and confront
them. This leads to a meetup between the thugs and Carl
(with his men) in a warehouse as they argue between each other.
The thugs are upset that their money has been low off of running schemes
for Carl’s croonies, while Carl thinks one of them took his car.
No one draws their guns on each other, but it’s a tense moment between them –
all while our heroes listen in on their special audio bullets.

During a flashback, Michelle recalls going to a veteran’s parade, with her family.
While she is there, she spots the Rouge Agent working with the man and twin kids in
the photo in his batcave. Neither Michelle,
nor the Rouge Agent recognize each other though. It’s a moment lost in time.

Meanwhile, at a rowdy and out of control street take over, a helicopter and a
number of officers are called into break it up. The thugs use fireworks to drive
the helicopter away, and then begin firing the explosives at the cops. An armed
thug approaches the cops, hops on the hood of their car, with a wrench, but
before he can strike the car – he is shot in the leg by a sniper bullet by the
Rouge Agent. Everyone disperses and the cops are relieved,
yet curious about who fired.

. In another street takeover, we see the crowd getting more riotous, rowdy and
out of control. That is when the power goes out in the street for a blackout.
The signal lights of a "big diesel" crane come onto the scene with their yellow lights
flashing. The truck lowers its boom with the drilling equipment sticking out the rear
of the truck (this will soon be used as an obstacle for cover and to keep vehicles
at a distance from behind). The crowd boos the truck and blocks its way,
not knowing what’s inside:

A heavily armed crew of 12 in the back of the truck and 4 up front in the cab,
with the driver.

Without warning and without mercy, the armed men in the truck lay waste to
the crowd. The truck tears through the crowd; running them over, while spraying
bullets. The driver lays on its very loud horns as it bust thru the line of cars and
mows down people trying in front of the truck.

Yes, the unthinkable is taking place, to the devastating surprise of the rioters.
Pain is in the works, and with the horror of blood and death, it all becomes
shockingly real to the crowd; leaving them in terror and disbelief.

One single person is left alive and is told he is being spared to let the world
know – this is their first warning.
Michelle and her team, in a montage, begin stealing cars from the thugs and
from Carl and then leaving them in another place, on fire. During the montage,
we see the heroes using drones to tag cars with magnetic trackers and shut them
down and even to track them Then the Society members, dressed in masks,
steal the car. They even steal a fleet of Carl’s cars, dunk them in salt water, dry
them off, and return them. It’s a badass montage and ends with Michelle and
Rachel being pulled over by the police while fleeing another dropoff.
Michelle shows the officer a special badge – he runs the number and his
supervisor tells him that he needs to let them go – the officer lets them go.

Michelle and her team need to push the two sides into a war against each other.  
To gather more intel and make distrust between the groups, Michelle and her crew
set up in an off the books safe house, provided by the CIA. It’s a house with
3 hidden quiet rooms and hidden in the forests of Southern California.
The rooms have windows in the doors looking out into a room. To help drive that
wedge between Carl and the thugs, the Society kidnaps three gang leaders and
their troops. They kidnap a latin gang with 3 people, a black gang with 3 people,
and a white gang with 3 people. They also take a group of croonies who are
notorious in the streets for beating up younger racers and
taking their cars.

As the Society works to kidnap them, the public outcry against the street racers
is growing. In another scene, the power is turned off and again. The crowd boos
as they think they are being shut down by the police.

But, it’s not the police.

A heavy duty, utility truck appears with its light’s flashing. The driver,
over a megaphone, says he is there to help out. Yet, the crowd
blocks him. They consider this sacred ground, tonight as they are
honoring the people they lost in the massacre that happened to their
friends at the last takeover. Yet, they don’t realize what’s about to happen.
They refuse to let the truck pass, then – the truck opens fire.
The truck is full of about a dozen armed people,
as before. The truck is blocked by about three cars in front blocking the
intersection. But, the situation changes, very quickly.
The entire work crew is armed to the teeth, and ready to inflict justice.
The truck powerfully pushes through the three cars in front, the cars are
pushed further into the intersection where street racers are doing burn outs
causing the vehicles to collide and burst into flames. The crowd attempts to
create a blockade with their cars and some even attempt to climb onto the
truck. But, the truck easily rams through the blockade, and the armed folks
on board, take care of the people climbing the truck, by shooting them
through the head -- point blank. A majority of the crowd are run over as
they attempt to block it. Others in the crowd, open fire with their own guns
and fireworks, but – the dozen armed folks use gas bombs
and flame throwers to deal with them. A few of the street racers even
attempt to ram the truck, but they are stopped – with grenade launchers.
As the truck leaves, they toss flies into the air that read:

We follow the public’s reaction over a series of news clippings. Over 20
people are killed, 30 were harmed, with over a hundred cars damaged
or destroyed. The stolen truck was later found back at the work yard it
was taken from. There were rumors that a billionaire who lost family
members to local street racers had set up this
retaliation. There was no evidence left behind, only rumors. The incident
makes world news, as society at large becomes polarized about what
happened and social media is on fire with the topic. Then, through even
more news clippings, we see film executives and car manufacturers being
grilled by the media for their work in promoting street racing. They deny
their involvement, but the media stays on their tail.

Michelle and her crew follow the news as they arrive back at their hide
away with their kidnapped gang members. In one of the sound proof rooms
they put the gang leaders, in the second room they put the 9 gangsters, and
in the final room they put the croonies. The men are left in their rooms for 1
day without food or water, while a high intensity dog whistle plays to keep
them awake. Rachel questions if and why all this is necessary and
Michelle replies, “We have to alter the way the street racers
think.” The rooms are outfitted with listening devices to spy on the captives.

Meanwhile, Scott Richards takes out a van transporting captives, that are young
female victims of human trafficking  - Scott delivered two head shots to the driver
and the accompanying passenger. The ladies were later rescued by the police.

On the second day, our captives begin to crack and show remorse for their
past sins.At that hint of cracking, Michelle and Brian send in some
Navy Seals to feed them. The men are fed food and alcohol to keep them
awake. As the men rest and come down from the alcohol, they begin to
converse about what they would have done differently in life and begin to
repent for their crimes. They are being tenderized –
and humanized.

The Society invites an asset agent, named Santiago, to the house to meet
Carl Reddington.  Carl is brought in lavishly in a black on black RV, with windowless
shutters, that roll down. He is brought in on the back of the mansion, where he is
served food and surrounded by beautiful women. Santiago lies to Carl to get info
out of him, pretending to want to go into business with him. Carl gives him all the
info he needs. Meanwhile, the gangsters and croonies see through the windows
in their doors, as they starve.
They believe Carl is behind their current troubles. He already threatened to kill
them earlier over his car being burnt, and he is the only person they know, who
would have the money to do this.

With Carl drunk and distracted by Santiago, the gang leaders and their men
are taken out of their rooms and go behind a false wall, where they disavow
their gangs. The gangsters are then given food. While in their room, the croonies
see Carl, Santiago, and the gangsters all eating and grow jealous, thinking the
gang leaders are now in on it too. They lament their current predicament and
swear revenge on all of them.

Carl is tranqed and secretly taken out the back of the house. The gang leaders
and the gangsters are given cars and told to ride out on a pre-destined route.
They are told by the seal, that Carl will be watching their moves. The gangsters,
more than glad to get out, drive away and to the spot on their GPS. When they do,
their cars shut off, and they are arrested by the police. It’s a set up. Helicopters and
swat teams swarm on them. Those guys are sent to jail and through a montage,
we see all them being offered new allegiances in jail, but they swear it off,
because they have a new master now – Carl Reddington.

In monitored rooms, the Society watches them to see if they are loyal to their
new bosses: Carl aka The Society. They’ve been recruited. The leaders and
gangsters, after proving their loyalty are taken out of jail, with 20k in their bank
account and a new car (that has been fitted with spying equipment.).

The Seals separate the three croonies to the three empty rooms of the
safehouse and interrogate them separately.  The stooges are tied to the murder
of a cop – but, whoever rats out someone first will be given immunity. They all turn
on each other and blame the other for the cop’s death. The Society takes note of
this and the stooges are – put on the streets buck naked and dyed pink
(believing Carl is behind this). They run home, with their pink tail between their
pink legs. Their friends laugh at them and the neighbors shout at them, until an
older woman shamefully brings them a towel to cover up with.

Michelle goes back to her training camp and Rachel is there, too. Rachel
tells Michelle, she was right about all they did to the gangsters and Carl,
and then together the two of them go through a badass training fight
sequence taking down imaginary bad guys. After the fight, Michelle and
Rachel talk and Rachel reveals that she lost her family to a car crash
and from racers, too. Then together, they dive back into another
training session.

Carl wakes up the next morning and finds that his business is about to be
shut down. His money and credit have been stolen by hackers.
He’s going broke!

The croonies, who have no money, because no one will hire them for illegal jobs,
realize they are too embarrassed throughout the streets. They try and steal a set
of cars, but – the Society catches them and dyes them pink again!
Meanwhile, the three teams of gangsters begin to lose money on their end and
blame Carl for it. Carl isn’t making money, thus they aren’t being paid, thus they are
about broke and tired of being under “Carl’s” thumb.

Everyone has lost money and respect, so when they receive a secret text to
come together, sent by the Society, they come to an abandoned warehouse,
ready to blame the other.
With the Society members, armed and sneaking around the warehouse,
they watch as Carl and the gangsters meet with Jeremy and the Croonies.
Everyone blames each other for their own troubles, unbeknownst to them –
The Society has set them up. After one gun goes off, it’s a war zone.
Everyone fires at each other, while the Society picks off the rest of the
gangsters one by one. Michelle and Rachel make a good team of bad
ass women, while Scott Richards shows up to kill Carl via
sniper fire.

Everyone is killed, except one of Jeremy’s goons. The team, masked and
victorious, tells him that there are no more warnings and to go tell his friends
that justice is coming.

The difference between The Society and other outfits like LAPD SIS - is that The 
Society is More Deep and Dark, and at the Federal level and an international 
level. The Society is headed up by a Women, Michelle Meadows, works 
Black Ops and Intelligence, Michelle lost her Husband, 
Mother and Father, and her 3 children, all six were killed in a
family van, by street racers. 

It was discovered in the investigation of her family members deaths,
that many of the street racing events were being promoted by organized crime.
Michelle's family was killed as a result of two gangsters racing their expensive cars,
The race included heavy betting between two gangs $50,000 and an assignment of turf to run organized crime.

There was a full spectrum of organized crime, it had been discovered that street racing events and takeovers were being used as places for meet-ups, organized crime learned to hide in the cover of organized chaos out in the open, O.G.s and Bosses would, could and did meet right in public, giving orders, making and taking payments, planning hits................  READ THE REPORT-

The Movie will be extremely Modern and High Tech - All Very Intelligent persons - Warriors of a Higher Calling - All quirky and unique - All with extreme personalities and special skills - The Society will be in contact with all law enforcement and the intelligence communities in our own government.

The Society will also have spies that have infiltrated the organized crime operations, 

The Society has weekly meetings and meetings as needed, and are in fact be funded by the government with black ops money. The Society is organized in the Manner and Fashion  as that of the SIS of the LAPD - 2
During the meetings the Society decides who and how to deal with members of organized crime, and those that host and give venue to the criminals. The Society will always give a "proper" warning and put those intended targets of Society action on notice.

The Society is an unknown society, the Society works in the shadows and is undercover. Even other law enforcements departments do not know of the Societies existence. The Society works through special liaisons that are sworn to secrecy.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a secret weapon in its war on crime. The department’s Special Investigation Section (S.I.S.) is an elite tactical detective squad with a straightforward mandate: Track down the City’s most dangerous offenders and take them off the street. S.I.S. are possibly the hardest-working, most dedicated men and women Detectives to wear a badge.

  • The Families - The families create a Secret Society of the Darkest Order, all bound by Deadly Oaths of Secrecy, and an Oath of Vengeance upon Street Racers, Promoters and those that Provide venues to such groups. Some will consider their tactics illegal and dark. others will consider their actions needful.
  • The 11-13 members will all be active or former of law enforcement or some type of special forces, including a DA, SWAT Snipers, Seals, NSA, DEA, FBI, Green Berets, State Dept......., Some are Computer Geeks and Super Techies for Hacking purposes and setting financial disaster fires to the Big Corps. They all keep their connections, they have the ability to call in favors and move with anonymity and immunity, they have access in and out. The Society will be a MJTF Multi Jurisdictional Task Force Completely under cover.
  •  In order to Join you must be invited, the prerequisites 
  • 1- must be ex/active law enforcement, military 
  • 2 - must be a marksman sniper
  • 3 - must have 5 confirmed kills under their belt 
  • 4 - must have worked undercover, comfortable working in the shadows
  • 5 - must be a victim of street racing - family or very close relation 
  • 6 - must be masters of disguises, subterfuge and infiltration 
  • 7 - must maintain connections with DAs, Police, Judges, Sheriffs, Prison Guards.....
  • 8 - must be beyond suspicion and of good reputation 
  • Invitations and  Initiations will be 7 layers deep
  • All members are masters of their craft and have a dark passion for their work
  • Unlike the Evil Trio we will not be selling any Guns or deadly implements of war and assassins
Street Racing meet-ups and take-overs give places for all the gangs to get together, the Gangs of all colors to meet-up with each other of different gangs, races, social strata and financial strata.

The gangsters all have their drag cars, street racers. Their criminal rewards on display. Gold, Jewels, Women, music machines. You could always feel the thud and the base speakers letting go of thunder

The street racers have declared was on law enforcement and and other first responders.
The Gangs had many Local Police with their hands on their dirty money 

Some of the gangs were low level street gangs among the ultra rich and organized 
Some of the organized crime was being ran out of the Police Stations, Jails and Prisons. 
It was discovered that many corrupted Police participated in the street racing scene and helped to organize, serve and protect the interest of the street racers. 
Take-overs and meet-ups are great places to organize, plan crimes, see who is who, make new connections, see who to extort next...... A recruiting and training ground for mules and runners.
The rewards of the crimes were the fast cars and the fine women, cash and ass

Many youths and innocents were completely in the dark, unaware of the ambiguous nature of the thugs and criminals in their midst, many of the youth were being exploited. These innocent get togethers were being organized by the not so innocent. Many unsuspecting youths were in the devil's den not conscious of the dangers and criminal surroundings. Just caught up in the excitement and adrenaline rush. Little did the know they were as prey amongst the predators.

Organized crime decided to take it to a whole new level, they hired studio chiefs to make street racing movies, and decided to push certain car brands. Of course the studio chiefs were paid off with drugs, women, cash, police protection and the casting couch privileges. 

Organized crime decided to create of Brotherhood of street racing with a Super Star as the head prophet for profit, in a very inconspicuous manner the cars would have a connection to Lucifer, Satan, and Hell. The models of the Cars would have names like The DEVIL, HELL HAVEN, LUCIFER'S CAT - Organized crime promotes the cars as being Hellacious, Possessed, Lucifer Inspired, Devilish and Demonic. All with no shame. Funny it is that all these innocent religious children are riding with the Devil? Running with the Devil, like a rose by any other name.

The higher up level organized criminals Laundered their money into the stocks and trades of the Studios that make the street racing movies. Automotive Groups, Dealerships and Auto Manufacturers.

It was a conspiracy of the highest order, Simple Street Racing, taken to a whole new level 

It is a battle ground of  Good and Bad, Integrity Vs Corruption 
It was very seldom that THEE Society would openly assassinate the Organized Criminals, The criminals would be kidnapped and taken to undisclosed locations and places, Go missing with out a trace, unknown to the gangsters was who kidnapped them or for what purposes. They Never knew. The Never knew who they worked for. The Society would turn many of their captives into assets, the captives would never be allowed to know who captured them or why, ever.
If the captives were set free they always thought that it was another gang that caught them, the captives were always beaten badly, the released captives were managed assets and under the orders and control of the Society. Not all of the captives were released some went missing and some were sent to special rendition.....................

On some nights the Society will work with a big team of navy Seals, steal and burn over 25 street racing cars a night, the team will have predetermined locations, fail safes, alternate paths, back-up  and local 
police at the ready. The staging areas for "BURNS" are always exciting. Sometimes the racing cars are not burnt but immersed in water tanks, fully sunken and then returned. The cars after being sunk look okay
initially, but sunken cars are never okay, salt water is not nice.. All of the Burning and Sinking is to cause discord, Shock and Awe among the street racing gangs. It makes a lot of grown men cry when they lose their 
Cars and Money. 

For the out of towners who are coming in from up north or from the east who make it past Scott Richards, his secret spike strips and selective sniping, The Society will cast the blame of the Burnings and Sinkings on the 
traveling Street Racers and their caravans and crews, the traveling caravans will end up leaving town running for their lives, although Scott Richard is not part of the Society, Scott understands how the Society works 
and their Modus Operandi, Scott Richards likes to keep a safe distance from the traveling caravan crews, Scott serves planned and calculated pain to the crews in the most creative of fashions, some of the crew memebers
are more deserving of justice than others, Scott tries to be fair if he can. Sometimes not so much. Scoot know how it works, What the Society is doing just through observation and enjoyment.

"In another scene" during the the last take-over that are getting more riotous, rowdy
and out of control - That is when I would to black-out of the street and signal lights and
have the "big diesel" crane come onto scene yellow lights flashing
the truck lowers the boom with the drilling  equipment sticking out the rear of the truck
(as an obstacle for cover and to keep vehicles at a distance from behind) - a crew of
12 in the back of the truck and 4 up front in the cab -
 the driver and 1 other upfront are wearing night vision along with 2 in the back of the
 truck. The truck has a back cab/extended cab 2 people sitting in the front seats and 2 people in the back seats 
As the truck lays waste to the crowd the truck lays on it's very loud horns as it bust
thru the line of cars and the stupid idiots trying to stand down the truck, yes all the rioters have their cell phone cameras out.
The rioters do not anticipate that they are being retaliated against or by a
non-government agency - So the rioters initially act stupid brave standing in
front of the truck only to be crushed and ran over.
Yes the unthinkable is taking place even to the devastating surprise of the rioters. 
Pain is in the works with the horror of blood and death, shockingly the crowd is in
humility and disbelief. The Game is over. The wake-up call was made and so was
the warning.

Michelle Meadows is a Fictional character in a fictional setting, extrapolated where the real character Michelle Littlefield  was murdered in real life, Michelle never made it 34 years of age

Lets stay with a few ground rules NO OUTSIDER WILL EVER KNOW anything
about the Society, their Lives, Real Stories, or Identity - Ground rule. Never a
disclosure NEVER please refer to notes from our last meeting at the Fish market.
NO Face to Face and no factual conversation, unless in disguise then only lies
and ruse.NO Outsider will know they are working for the Society ever or who's
custody they are really in, captives always think a gang, rival or enemy has kidnapped
them. Never the Society or law enforcement in certain situations.

As to Scott Richards - It would be a visit backwards in time that Michelle Meadows
seen Scott Richards and His brother Benny and Benny's children the twins
Valentina and Michael, the twins were six years old at the veterans 
parade and after BBQ get together. . We shall say the twins and their father
Benny were killed in an auto crash coming back from Disneyland the twins at
this time were 16 years old. killed by street racers.

"Scott lost his Brother Benny and Benny's twins  Valentina and Michael the twins
were 16 years old when killed - The 3 were killed as a result of Street Racers
racing on the freeway on the # I-605 and the # I-5 there were 7 street racers
involved in that crash, speeds were in excess of 130 MPH - There hangs in the
Scott Richards man cave a picture of Benny and the twins, the picture was taken
two weeks before they were killed. The Picture reads
 "Benny and the Twins" Below the picture we see a saying that reads
"Justice Delayed Equal Justice Denied" included in the saying is a picture of a
high power sniper rifle. LOOKING DOWN THE SCOPE AND THE X ON TARGET"

As to the 8 wheeled robot, the robot does not chase cars on the highway even
though it is fast, the air drone(s) and the 8 wheeler robot are normally used together with a team of 3 agents working together
The 8 wheeled robot can peirce tag and/or peirce vehicle that are at a standstill ,
the robot does not pursue 

"The flying drones and eight wheeler robot can both quickly attach electronic
tracking devices to vehicles - The Society usually works in teams of at least 3
when on the move with the drones and robots.
The Society is always undercover or in disguise as Street Racing enthusiast.
The flying drone can turn on or off it's running lights with the flip of a switch,
sometimes the Drone will be used as a distraction in the sky that can cause the 
attention of the crowd to be drawn upwards allowing the quiet eight wheeler to
zoom in and out under foot unnoticed."

The Society would have the Thugs and Criminals believe that the agents of the
Society are an East Coast gang taking over turf working with local rivals of the
captives, the Society will never give out any real information. 
All information will be a Ruse. 

Any monies taking from the Thugs and Criminals in donated to veterans
charities and scholar funds for families of downed first responders  Or the money and loot will be used in exchanges will be
used in Ruse operations as below and then steal the money and loot back. unless
given to the Recruits and for trust building.
During some of the kidnapping scenes the captives will be be held in soundproof
rooms with one way double insulated mirror windows, the captives usually from
powerful numerous large gangs. the captives would see a Business Criminal
rival feasting, eating and being paid large sums of money, loot, drugs and the
company of beautiful women at his side. Of coarse the captives would think they
were kidnapped by their rivals the Business Criminal . In one scene we could
actually have three rival gang leaders with a few of the homies each taken captive
and placed into three separated quiet rooms. What would be common is that all
three gang leaders and their homies ( a Latin Gang - a Black Gang  -
a White Gang  - Mix it up a bit ) would have a common view of the of the very rich
Business Criminal - Each quiet room would be darkly lit, but fully outfitted with
night vision cameras, listening devices and ultra low frequency devices that agitate,
create a sense of danger and uneasiness. The captives we be lead to believe that
they will be killed and will start speaking of their past offensives and death wishes
of others all the while being recorded with sound and video. The captives will be
placed in dark rooms for three day and nights for tenderizing and social conditioning.

Everyone Taken in or out of this meeting place will not bee shown the route in or out,
the captives that bound and blindfolded - the Business Criminal will be brought in a
black on black luxury motor home with roll down shutters and no open windows to see
out of The Business Criminal is seated at a card table toward the rear of the
motorhome behind a privacy partition.
The Business Criminal will be invited into the recreation room to relax and bet on
sports in an effort to get him to exit the room and go to the otherside of the mansion.
A strange staging  will also be set up where each of the two gangs will be setted in
a room off to the distance each gang group at a time. In this room  two of the
separate gang members groups you be given the promotion of working for the
new bosses,
if the gangs accept the promotion their lives will be spared, but they must disavow
their old gang alliances and swear on a grenade to be loyal to their new bosses
during this swearing in the doors to this distant room are shut the captives are
shackled at their feet while seated - one of the gangs is not promoted in this same
fashion - But are only allowed to see over a half wall the two other gangs separately
seated at a table all feasting, drinking, having a party with their new bosses. None
of the gangs is aware of the other gangs presence The gang not invited to the
promotion are going to be used as stooges to put the word on the street, this
stooge gang will be beaten, mistreated, starved, stripped naked taken into town
into a rival gang area. The stooges will be offered beer only, when the stooge
gang wakes up the are being heckled by youngsters because they are naked
laying on top of each other passed out in an old van with all the doors opened.

As the stooge gangsters start to wake they noticed they have all their hair cut off
and their bodies have been completely painted pink.This stooge gang is comprised
of the biggest, meanest, toughest and strongest. but once they fully wake up and
notice their humiliation they make a run for it naked and barefoot crying covering themselves in shame waddling back to their side of town, once back on their turf
they are laughed at. the neighborhood welcomes the pink party with falling on the
floor laughter. The trio grab a garden hose and hide behind a bush and attempt to
wash off the "paint" only to discover that the paint is not washing off, dye is a more permanent solution. Of course more manly tears on discovery of their pink situation. Laughing and swearing at each other.

An older lady from the near house is insulting the overgrown pink men yelling insults
in Spanish, lots of quickly loud spoken insults, then the old lady feels sorry for them
and brings them old sheets to cover themselves. The pink party then moves to
one of the gangsters houses, Once inside the gangsters try to get dressed but
cannot contain themselves they vacillate between laughter, tears, anger and
revenge, as they drink their beers and eat some left over pizza they jokingly
 tease and insult each other calling each other funny names 
The pink party is completely confused, not knowing where they have been, what
they have seen or why. The pink party were punished because they liked beating and robbing young adults that were at some of the meet-ups. These were just kids
hanging out being part of the crowd. Funny thing the pink party even had their
teeth dyed pink. The pink party will spread the word. Not knowing for sure what
the word is. All the while the pink party is a little embarrassed and withdrawn hiding
from the public. Public rumors are purposefully being spread on many levels
saying the the pink party were engaged in a wild orgy and there are interesting pictures along with the rumors on social media. The pink party has lost all credibility  and
no ones believes a word they say. When the pink party tries to tell what happened everybody laughs because bald pink people are telling stories.

When finished with the other two captive gangs, the captives would be taken into
town with a share of the money, loot and guns. The Society would set up the captives
to be incarcerated, no ammo would be in the guns and the Society would 
have ignition shut off switches installed in cars that the Society had stolen from
other street racer Thugs, the cars would also have door locks installed, once the
cars were emptied and the suspect were safely in custody the stolen cars  from the 
rival gangs would burst into flames. The cars were emptied of most of their gas.
Fire engines, ambulances and even helicopters were at the ready in a staging area
just a few blocks away, the staging area was for a terrorist drill
(so thought the responders)
In a matter of minutes there was a full on welcoming party from the staging area.

Once in jail the new recruits were well taken care of, the new recruits were in and
out in three days. The Society had let the recruits make their presence known to
the other gangsters known, the two gangs that were recruited will never know of
each other or that they were recruited. While in jail everyone is being recorded and monitored and tested for their silence, secrecy and loyalty to their new bosses.

While the three gangs were being held captive and incarcerated all their homes
were fitted with the latest and undetectable spying equipment video and audio and..

The pink party stooges were left high and dry. but not the two recruit gangs upon
exit from jail the two gangs were not ever allowed to know of each other, but each
of the recruits were given 20K each in cash. The bosses were allowed to be bosses
but worked for Society thinking they were working for the mob and under orders.
Each recruit was also given a nice decent sports car. All the cars were fitted with
the latest and undetectable spying equipment video and audio and................ 
The Society (mob) gave special orders that the recruits were to stay away from
any firearms or anyone that had them and to turn over any weapons right away.
the recruits were promised protection from other gangs and from prosecution as
long as there were no weapons. The recruits were told if there were any weapons
in their possession that the recruits would be taken out.

Now the Society had two new gangs and their OG leaders under their control and
were completely monitored, The new leaders and recruits were also given strict
orders to check in before moving or meeting with others. 
The new recruits were given phones and told to only use their new phone for
privacy and security, The Society used East Coast Navy Seals as spies and
contacts with the recruits. From time to time the Society would 
send lavish rewards and gifts to the recruits, There was bonding and trust being
established. The recruits were shown scary things and told scary stories about
what happens to those that betray their bosses.

The Society had decided to go get the pink party stooges and incarcerate them
and put them in jail for stealing the van that they were found in. The stooges had
their finger prints all over the van,
While in custody each of the 3 stooges were interrogated individually and told to
explain everything in detail from the beginning, the interrogator would go along
with the story up until the part were the stooges were 
the van naked, bald and pink. The the interrogator would laugh with unbelief.
This went one for about a week straight. The 3 stooges were starting to break down mentally and physically. After about a week a special team 
was brought in and took the 3 stooges to a very hidden place. The Society had
decided it was time for more information, and had created crimes and charges
against the 3 stooges. The stooges were being charged with abuse, murder
and rape.The stooges were being told who ever ratted out each other with the most
would get a deal and set free. Not only did the Society want information on the
3 stooges but on everything and everyone in the world of crime. 
The stooges all rat on each other and about everything and everyone they know.
It has been about 4 weeks. 
The stooges are all set free without and charges or explanation. The 3 stooges are
told to be quiet and not to talk to anyone, the stooges are made to believe that they
are victims of a ruthless gang and that they were hidden from the real  villains
in protective custody.
Navy Seals were acting as law enforcement and as the interrogators.

Mostly intelligence gathering and mind screw along with the rest of the story,

I like what I see and where it is going. 

 Have Michelle Meadows and the other 2-3 member directing and /or present in the nextdoor room or glass mirror window watching, gathering making notes - intelligence gathering - and getting ready for a huge take down
and inner implosion, leaving all the Thugs and Criminals in a stage of shock, betrayal
and in jail. court, prison............ Broke, penny less and tooth less, and lets have the
three stooges kidnapped again, shaved and naked, dyed  pink  and put in the van
again with the same out come and just left wondering and abused because they deserve it.

As for me and those I know, we will not be promoting crime or selling any 
Sniper Riffles, Shot Guns, Hand Guns, Grenades, Hacking.................. 
or other devices to bring upon harm to others.

I have created a Fictitious Character Michelle Meadows that will render a powerful 
response to those in the the Business of Street Racing, Michelle Meadows is a deeply wounded person that struggles with anger, hurt and rage, Michelle is very close to the
 Dark Side but Michelle has a sense of justice that she considers is above laws that 
"get in the way" Michelle has created the Society, a Secret Society that administers 
justice as the Society sees fit, their Tactics are effective, and debatable if they are
legal and right. But it is Justice Served in the shadows. Michelle Meadows is listening 
and taking notes.  The Mission of Michelle Meadows is to make people think twice, 
monitor their actions, and remind those Street Racers that they may provoke those 
that have been harmed. I believe those who are aware of Michelle Meadows will hope 
that her fictious character never visits them in real life. I hope a little voice of justice whispers in their minds and from time to time they look over their shoulder Just In case!


Major Characters Michelle Meadows- Field Agent and Lead Operator – Michelle is a tough as nails, secret agent, who can fight, re...