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The difference between The Society and other outfits like LAPD SIS - is that The Society is More Deep and Dark, and at the Federal level and an international level. The Society is headed up by a Women, Michelle Meadows, works Black Ops and Intelligence, Michelle lost her Husband, Mother and Father, and her 3 children, all six were killed in a family van, by street racers. 

It was discovered in the investigation of her family members deaths, that many of the street racing events were being promoted by organized crime. Michelle's family was killed as a result of two gangsters racing their expensive cars, The race included heavy betting between two gangs $50,000 and an assignment of turf to run organized crime.

There was a full spectrum of organized crime, it had been discovered that street racing events and takeovers were being used as places for meet-ups, organized crime learned to hide in the cover of organized chaos out in the open, O.G.s and Bosses would, could and did meet right in public, giving orders, making and taking payments, planning hits................  READ THE REPORT-

The Movie will be extremely Modern and High Tech - All Very Intelligent persons - Warriors of a Higher Calling - All quirky and unique - All with extreme personalities and special skills - The Society will be in contact with all law enforcement and the intelligence communities in our own government.

The Society will also have spies that have infiltrated the organized crime operations, 

The Society has weekly meetings and meetings as needed, and are in fact be funded by the government with black ops money. The Society is organized in the Manner and Fashion  as that of the SIS of the LAPD - 2
During the meetings the Society decides who and how to deal with members of organized crime, and those that host and give venue to the criminals. The Society will always give a "proper" warning and put those intended targets of Society action on notice.

The Society is an unknown society, the Society works in the shadows and is undercover. Even other law enforcements departments do not know of the Societies existence. The Society works through special liaisons that are sworn to secrecy.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has a secret weapon in its war on crime. The department’s Special Investigation Section (S.I.S.) is an elite tactical detective squad with a straightforward mandate: Track down the City’s most dangerous offenders and take them off the street. S.I.S. are possibly the hardest-working, most dedicated men and women Detectives to wear a badge.

  • The Families - The families create a Secret Society of the Darkest Order, all bound by Deadly Oaths of Secrecy, and an Oath of Vengeance upon Street Racers, Promoters and those that Provide venues to such groups. Some will consider their tactics illegal and dark. others will consider their actions needful.
  • The 11-13 members will all be active or former of law enforcement or some type of special forces, including a DA, SWAT Snipers, Seals, NSA, DEA, FBI, Green Berets, State Dept......., Some are Computer Geeks and Super Techies for Hacking purposes and setting financial disaster fires to the Big Corps. They all keep their connections, they have the ability to call in favors and move with anonymity and immunity, they have access in and out. The Society will be a MJTF Multi Jurisdictional Task Force Completely under cover.
  •  In order to Join you must be invited, the prerequisites 
  • 1- must be ex/active law enforcement, military 
  • 2 - must be a marksman sniper
  • 3 - must have 5 confirmed kills under their belt 
  • 4 - must have worked undercover, comfortable working in the shadows
  • 5 - must be a victim of street racing - family or very close relation 
  • 6 - must be masters of disguises, subterfuge and infiltration 
  • 7 - must maintain connections with DAs, Police, Judges, Sheriffs, Prison Guards.....
  • 8 - must be beyond suspicion and of good reputation 
  • Invitations and  Initiations will be 7 layers deep
  • All members are masters of their craft and have a dark passion for their work
  • Unlike the Evil Trio we will not be selling any Guns or deadly implements of war and assassins

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